Asian Banqueting

Fabulous food is at the heart of every gathering, an essential ingredient for the success of any event. Our Asian catering and banqueting division offers a mouth-watering range of authentic dishes, lovingly prepared in our state of the art commercial kitchen.

Our experienced chefs combine the finest ingredients and spices to create the most succulent and diverse menus across the Asian subcontinent. This wide array of culinary capabilities enables your event to include dishes that appeal to every one of your guests.

Indus ensures professional polish and smooth execution at your corporate events through our commitment of delivering to complete customer satisfaction.

Asian Pure Vegeterian Banqueting

Indus endeavour to observe religious requirements and preferences. Specialising in vegetarian catering at both Sikh and Hindu temples, we have huge respect for religious dietary laws and do our utmost to ensure that they are adhered to.

Halal Banqueting

Indus respects all religious beliefs and requirements. As a result, we ensure that the meat at your event is supplied from our halal supplier. All halal certificates are available upon request.

Gujarati Banqueting

Gujarat is a melting pot of myriad cultures and communities who have made this region their home. Apart from the indigenous local Gujarati people, the Jain community too has a very strong presence in this state.

Our Gujarati chefs will understand your specific needs and will cater to your taste.

Thai Banqueting

Centrally located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand remains the only nation in the region that has never been colonised by a foreign country. With noodles from China, curries from India, and chilli peppers from Portugal; inventive Thai Chefs have taken these foreign influences, incorporated local herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables and created the world’s original and most delicious form of “fusion” cuisine.

Indus offers a full menu for Thai Banqueting. Please visit the Menu section on our site for more information.

Lebanese Banqueting

The Lebanese gastronomy is a rich mixture of various products and ingredients coming from the different Lebanese regions. Olive oil, herbs, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables are commonly used, as well as dairy products, cereals, fish and meat. The Lebanese cuisine is extremely rich in flavors and colors and yet often offers recipes easy to prepare and suitable for a healthy diet.

With the rise in popularity for Lebanese cuisine, Indus has sourced outstanding chefs to cater a full Lebanese banquet. Please visit the Menu section on our site for more information.

Corporate Banqueting

Whenever the occasion calls for a wider approach to food culture, our specialist continental chefs are at hand with imaginative menu selections to grace any table.

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