Halal Catering

The processes used to get Halal foods ready involve more than just religious rules. They can also include a variety of authentic ingredients and procedures to get foods ready. This is used to make the foods more enjoyable for all people at a Halal event.

What Rules Do We Handle?

All of the critical Halal catering rules are followed by Indus Catering. For example, the Dhabiha method of slaughtering animals for meat is used. This is noted for being quick and humane without creating a large amount of pain on the animal that is being prepared.

The slaughtering process will also ensure that the blood from the animal that has been slaughtered is drained before it is prepared. This is used in conjunction with 002.173 of the Quran.

Also, the animals that are prepared will not be previously dead carcasses. Anything that is killed by something other than a human during the Dhabiha method of killing an animal will not be served in the Halal procedure. Therefore, any animal that has been killed in some long or difficult process like falling to death or being beaten by another person or animal will not be used by our catering services.

Also, the right foods are used in all menus with all rules in mind. Pork will never be used in any Halal catering foods. According to 002.173 of the Quran, “He hath only forbidden you dead meat and blood and the flesh of swine.” This rule is critical to the Halal catering process and must be followed at all times.

Also, all alcoholic drinks and ingredients are avoided at all times. Alcohol, according to 005.090 in the Quran, is “Satan’s handiwork.” Therefore, it will be kept out of all foods in a Halal catering plan.

Finally, every single food that is prepared for a Halal catering outing will be prepared under the name of Allah. This follows 006.121 of the Quran.

A full hygiene and food preparation certification has been obtained by Indus Catering. This is to specifically state that we are capable of handling Halal food preparation needs and have all of the important staff and tools needed to ensure that foods are prepared with the best Halal standards in mind. Any customer can view a copy of this certification by request.

What Else Works for Preparation?

Several other key points of food preparation are used in the Halal catering process. For example, herbs from the Asian subcontinent are often used. All herbs are fresh and prepared without any artificial ingredients. This is used to keep the flavours of all foods pure.

A clay tandoor is also used to help with getting many foods prepared. This is different from how some people apply tandoori materials to foods and then prepare them in large commercial grade ovens. An authentic tandoor oven is used to help prepare Halal foods so they will taste their best and feature the charcoal cooked taste that people have come to expect from a typical tandoor food.

What Foods are Included?

The foods that come with this type of catering plan can be very useful. A key point about these foods is that they can be arranged in both meat and vegetarian products. These work with all dietary needs or preferences in mind.

A series of appetisers are used in a Halal catering plan. These include a series of kebabs that are prepared in tandoor ovens. Chicken and lamb mince kebabs are often used. Meanwhile, vegetarian appetisers can include spring roll pastries and spiced potatoes.

A series of main dishes can also be featured. Meat dishes can include lamb or chicken that has been marinated in traditional Asian spices and prepared in a tandoor oven or in butter. Vegetarian main dishes can include rice in all forms and chick peas. Lentils and other types of vegetables are common as well.

Traditional salads are often used. These include such things as potato salads or other salads that can be mixed with yoghurt.

Plenty of desserts can be prepared in any Halal catering plan. These desserts can include Sav Solo. This is a traditional Halal dessert that features sweet rice in ghee alongside cashews and pineapple slices.

Kulfi, a traditional form of ice cream in India, can also be used. This is made with frozen milk and is noted for its large variety of flavours. Cream is a common flavour but some fruit flavours can also be used on some of these ice creams.

Halal Catering is Easy to Handle

The Halal catering services that can work for any special Islamic event can work with the best rules in mind. Every single food will be prepared with every Halal law in mind to ensure that the foods will be pure and safe for all people of the faith to consume. This includes foods that are prepared with some of the best ingredients around. They also work with the right materials to get them ready.

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I’m am still recieving phoned calls a week later telling me how the food and service was WOW and how amazing the quality of food and service was. The Decor was just breath taking, you made our Frozen Theme so stunning that there was nothijng else we could of asked for, The Hall was just phenomenal. Could not thank you enough.


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