Pure Vegeterian Menu


Tandoori Khiley Phool
Fresh cauliflower & broccoli, coated with a yogurt based marinade, cooked in the tandoor

Rustami Khumb Bahar
Mushrooms, stuffed with cottage cheese, potatoes and spices cooked in the clay oven

Kurkure Mushroom
Fresh mushroom with chopped ginger, onion served with chilli chutney

Tandoori Aloo
Tangy tomato and garlic potatoes finished in tandoor

Pyaz aur Palak Bhajia
Onion and spinach bhajia mixed with gramflour and deep fried

Potato bhajia
Aloo Bhajia

Assorted Vegetable Bhajia
Vegetable and chilli bhajia

Allur Dum
Mustard seed & curry leave flavoured potato aloo dum

Paneer Ke Gole
Spicy paneer balls mixed with coriander, chillies & chopped ginger

Paneer Bharwa Mirchi
Sautéed chilly paneer and potatoes in a vol-au-vent pastry shell

Paneer Bharwa
Potato & cheese filling in a potato shell

Paneer Tak-a-Tak
Cubes of homemade cheese, green peppers and onions served chaat style

Chilli Paneer
Strips of homemade cheese stir fried with mixed peppers in red sauce

Bhunna Paneer Kali Mirch
Dry roasted fresh cottage cheese, with black pepper

Vegetable Cocktail Samosa
Cocktail potato & pea’s samosa

Paneer samosa
Cheese samosa

Subzi potli
Delicious mixture of paneer & potatoes rolled in thin soft breadA stylish filo bag stuffed with vegetable and tied with leak

Puchka Bhel
Gol guppas stuffed with bhel puri mix served with imli & mint chutney

Cocktail pav bhajis
Mini pav served with traditional bhajis

Pudina Tikki
Mini mint and potato fritters

Matar Aloo Tikki
Peas & potato fritters, mildly spiced

Haryali seekh ke dande
Spinach potato and vegetable seekh kebab

Bageeche Ke Kebab
Exotic seasonal vegetable in spicy marinade

Mushroom Voulavants
Lightly spiced mushrooms in cases

Mushroom Chatpate
Spicy stuffed mushrooms

Cocktail Vegetable Spring Rolls
Julien vegetables filled in pastry tubes, deep fried

Subzi Potli
Finely chopped vegetables in a filo bag


Paneer Shashlik
Spiced cubes of Indian cottage cheese, onions and peppers cooked in clay oven

Aloo Pudina Tikki
Mini mint and potato round fritters

Aloo Mattar Tikki
Peas & Potato fritters, mildly spiced

Chilli Paneer
Strips of cottage cheese, stir fried with mixed peppers in red sauce

Aloo Papri Chaat
Potato, chick peas, yoghurt & tamarind sauce with chaat masala

Bageeche Ke Kebab
Exotic seasonal vegetables in spicy marinated kebabs

Vegetable Cutlets
Mixed vegetable spicy pattice

Puchka Bhel
Gol guppas stuffed with Bhel puri mix in tamarind sauce

Paneer Koliwada
Spicy paneer

Cocktail Pav Bhaji
Slightly pan fried mini bread buns served with spicy veg mash

Hara Bhara Kebab
Spicy mixed vegetable kebab

Main Course

Paneer Makhani
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in spicy creamy sauce

Saag Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese, cooked with spinach, flavoured with nutmeg & ginger

Karahi Paneer
Fresh cottage cheese tossed with whole spices, onion & tomatoes

Ragra Paneer
Grated cottage cheese cooked in spicy sauce

Matar Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with fresh garden peas

Methi Chaman
Specially prepared curry made of fresh fenugreek leaves

Saag Methi
Spinach & fenugreek leaves cooked together in a fiery recipe

Saag Aloo
Spinach & potatoes cubes cooked in ginger and chilli

Sarso Ka Saag
Fresh green mustard leaves cooked like a cream curry

Vegetable Jalfrezi
Variety of mixed vegetable and peppers cooked in thick sauce

Mixed Vegetable Curry
Variety of mixed vegetable and peppers cooked in thick sauce

Aloo Gobi Capsicum
Potato, Cauliflower and capsicum curry

Malai Kofte Curry
Cottage cheese, potatoes and fresh khoya cooked with rich kaju nut sauce

Dingari Kaju Matar
Fresh mushrooms cooked with kaju nuts & fresh garden peas in kaju nut sauce

Vegetable Kofte Curry
Marrow & coriander in a vegetarian curry

Patiyala Shai Baingan
Baby aubergine cooked the Punjab way in a garlic and tomato sauce

Aloo Baingan
Potato and aubergine curry

Tawa Subzi
Vegetable dish consisting of potatoes, lady fingers and aubergines

Jeera Aloo
Potatoes cooked with Cummins, flavoured with tomatoes & spices

Bhindi Masala
Lady fingers cooked in coriander and Cummins powder

Bhindi Dopiyaza
Okra cooked in a traditional Punjabi recipe with cumin and onions

Bhindi Kurkure
Crispy lady finger, deep fries, sprinkled with mango powder

Pindi Chole
Whole chickpea cooked in a Punjabi tomato-onion masala

Aloo Chole
Potato and white chick pea spicy curry

Daal Makhani
Black lentils spiced with ginger and garnished with fresh cream

Tarka Daal
Yellow lentils in a fine onion and cumin tempering

Satrangi Daal
Seven different types of lentils cooked in special spices, including fresh ginger and garlic

Rajma Ki Daal
Kidney bean curry in thick sauce – spicy


Pilau Rice
Keshri Pilau
Rice cooked in saffron

Matar Jeera Pilau
Peas and whole cumin seed Pilau made from long grain Himalayan Basmati

Jeera Pilau
Basamati rice tempered with cummin seeds

Mixed Vegetable Pilau
Vegetable rice

Vegetable Biryani
Very spiced vegetable rice


Plain Naan
Naan bread from the Tandoor Oven

Dhanya Naan
Bread, sprinkled with fresh coriander

Laccha Parantha
Layered bread

Tandoori Roti
Refined wheat flour bread cooked in the clay oven

Onion Kulcha
Wheat bread with onions and cooked in the clay oven


Mix Green Salad
Assorted green salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

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