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The foods that are prepared in Punjab are very appealing and unique from other foods around India. Therefore, a Punjabi catering process should work with the best foods in mind.

This is where Indus Catering can help. Indus can provide clients around the United Kingdom to bring people with all sorts of different foods from Punjab. This includes foods that work with different courses in mind and even some breakfast foods for the early parts of the day. This is a great feature to use when planning an event for people from the Punjabi area.

Traditional Preparations are Handled

There are many different spices that are used in the preparation of Punjabi foods. Indus Catering can work with all of these spices in mind. These include such notable spices as black pepper, cinnamon and coriander. These are all used to improve the flavours of foods.

Masala sauce is also used in many cases. This sauce includes several different valuable ingredients. These include such popular things as tomato and garlic ingredients.

What Foods Work for Catering?

The foods that are served in a Panjabi catering plan can work in many ways. Most Punjabi foods are vegetarian and will feature a series of great spices and vegetables. Also, the vegetarian entrees that can be served can come in a dry or wet sabjhi form. The difference between these two forms is that one uses water in the preparation process while the other is completely dry in nature.

Some meat dishes are also used. Many main entrees for Punjabi catering can include chicken curry or butter chicken. Lamb dishes are also included. These include spring lamb dishes.

A few starters can be used before the main dish comes out. Fruit and noodles are often served as starters. Chaat is especially popular among Punjabi starters. Chaat is a series of potatoes that has been prepared with fried processes or yogurt dipping sauces. An interesting point about chaat is that it can be used with fruits in many cases. This is more of a preferential option though.

Some sides are commonly used throughout the entire catering process. Raita, Naan and rice are all used in many of these dishes.

Desserts are also popular in Punjabi catering plans. Kulfi, a frozen milk product, is great to use. Some ice creams can also be taken in for any catering event.

The Most Traditional Foods Work Here

No Pubjabi catering plan is complete with some of the most commonly used traditional foods that people in Punjab enjoy. Tandoori chicken is one of the most important foods that can be provided in a catering plan. It is prepared as a main dish or as a starter depending on the surroundings of the chicken. Curd marinate is used to help keep this prepared. A traditional clay oven, which is also referred to as a tandoor, is also used to prepare it.

Lassi is also provided by Indus for Punjabi food needs. Lassi is a drink that features a mixture of water, yogurt and cumin among other types of fruits or spices.

Even Breakfasts Can Be Prepared

A good point about this catering plan is that it can be used with breakfast foods in mind. Pakora is one of the most commonly foods used for breakfasts. This fritter features a vegetable dipping in flour and is fried to create a full texture that makes the food all the more enjoyable. Bread can also be used in lieu of a vegetable for a pakora.

Tea is also provided for breakfast. It may cost extra to get tea provided according to the number of people who are going to be served.

The key point about all Punjabi breakfast items is that they are all prepared without the use of any meats. This is important because a vegetarian diet must be used when getting a breakfast set up. The meats should wait until later parts of the day.

The Big End

Some desserts are also prepared for Punjabi events. Barfi is one of the most popular desserts to find in a Punjabi catering plan. This features condensed milk that is cooked and doused in sugar.

Patisa is also commonly served as a dessert. This features a crisp design and is made with ghee butter and cardamom for the best possible flavor.

Drinks can even be provided. These include a variety of juices and soft drinks that all people in the family can enjoy. These drinks are often included in a catering plan but it may cost a little extra to get any plan to work right if there are more people who will be consuming these drinks at the event.

The Punjabi catering service that Indus Catering can handle will provide all people at a catering event with these great foods. These foods are all traditional foods that can be served around all of Punjab and will make for great things to bring out to anyone for any occasion.

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