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This is why Indus Catering works with great Gujarati catering plans in mind. This works with all important dietary standards that people have in mind.

Also, a catering plan will use all of the important traditions that come with Gujarati dining. These include plans that relate to not only the foods that are being made but also with how they are being served. All rules for Gujarati dining and serving are used by Indus Catering to ensure that a catering event will be more enjoyable and authentic.

What Dietary Rules are Used?

The main dietary rule that comes with Gujarati catering is that all foods are prepared with vegetarian standards in mind. The foods that are prepared will help to keep all people to use the right Gujarati standards in mind.

There are also some plans that involve avoiding garlic and onion ingredients. This is something that works with Jainism standards in mind. Many people who are from Gujarat are of the Jain religion and will need foods that cater to their religious values in mind.

How are the Foods Prepared?

The foods that are used to help with getting Gujarati catering plans going will be prepared with all sorts of great standards in mind. Traditional cooking procedures are used to get foods ready. This includes procedures that involve traditional tandoor ovens among other unique items.

Also, traditional thali serving plans are used. A thali is a silver tray that uses a series of bowls to help keep the foods prepared as well as possible. This can be used by Indus Catering to prepare all foods in a unique manner.

A great feature of the foods used in this catering is that they are all prepared with ghee. This is a type of butter used in Gujarat and other parts of Asia. This is made by taking unsalted butter and simmering it to where the water content is gone and the milk solids have become settled. This can work with a good storage plan and does not need to be refrigerated.

This is a critical ingredient that is used in the preparation of many foods in the catering process. Ghee is used instead of traditional cooking oils to help provide useful flavours in the foods. This is used to not only make the foods more authentic and delicious in nature but also to ensure that the foods are prepared without feeling heavy in texture of taste.

What Foods Work Here?

The foods that are prepared for Gujarati catering are prepared with several options in mind. For example, a series of traditional starting meals are included in the first part of a catering plan. Traditional samosas that feature vegetables and potatoes stuffed in pastries are always common favourites among catering plans.

The main dishes that are used in a catering plan are very impressive. These dishes can include a variety of potatoes and peaks. Channa Bateta is one such example. This features potatoes and peas that are prepared with tomato gravy to create a spicy and well textured flavour. Potatoes that are stuffed with varying spices, peanuts and other items can be served as a main dish as well.

Undhiyu is also prepared for Gujarati events. This traditional meal features a series of vegetables mixed together for a unique flavour. It includes lentils and beans among several other items. Most of these vegetables are green in colour and will be refreshing for a variety of different needs. A curry sauce is used to help prepare everything as well. This sauce can have a coconut flavour to it in some cases.

A series of desserts are also used to help improve the quality of the foods. There are many great desserts that include Ras Malai. This is a type of food that consists of milk balls that are prepared with pistachio spices and coatings. Gajjar Halwa, a traditional kind of carrot cake that is prepared with ice cream in some cases, is also served in many Gujarati events.

Other Services Can Be Used

There are many other services that Indus Catering can work with. These include services that work with different types of functions to make it easy for anyone to enjoy meals. For example, people can choose from a traditional sit down plan with waiters and other service employees to a buffet that offers multiple foods at the same time. A buffet setting can be enjoyable because of the large variety of foods that will be offered at once.

Some traditional Gujarati entertainment features can also be added. These include live entertainers and musicians that can spice up any type of catering event in the United Kingdom.

The appeals that come from Gujarati catering events are great things to review. Indus Catering can provide all sorts of different foods that work with different kinds of foods in mind to make it easier for any event to have something enjoyable for all kinds of needs

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